Welcome to the FAQ section! I am thrilled to have you here, supporting and appreciating my art journey as an Indian artist residing in the beautiful neighborhood of Nob Hill, San Francisco. The encouragement and backing from the vibrant community of art enthusiasts in San Francisco has truly touched my heart. Your decision to embrace and encourage my artistic endeavors through your purchases warms my soul, and I'm sincerely grateful for your support.

Artwork Details:
My original artworks are shipped without frames, but rest assured, they come with hanging hardware and sleek black edges, unless specific framing is specified or requested.

Shipping Information:
For original paintings, I make it a priority to ship them out within 7 days from the moment your order is placed. Should you need a more expedited delivery, please don't hesitate to inform me via email. I'll do my best to accommodate your request and ensure your artwork reaches you as swiftly as possible.

Reproductions, which are carefully crafted to capture the essence of the original pieces, require approximately 2 weeks to ship. Each print is meticulously created upon order and personally signed by me before making its way to you.

Support on Patreon:
For an even closer connection to my artistry, consider subscribing on Patreon: patreon.com/shreypurohit. Gain early access, behind-the-scenes insights, and exclusive content while supporting my creative journey. Join me in shaping the world of art!

Commission Requests:
I'm more than delighted to accept commission requests. If you have a vision in mind, kindly reach out to me via email, and we can dive into the exciting details together. Your unique ideas inspire me, and I'm eager to bring them to life through my art. See previously completed commissioned artworks here

Art Classes:
Beyond creating art, I also have the pleasure of teaching art classes catering to young adults, adults, and elders alike. Sharing the joy of discovering incredible artists within each passionate amateur is something I absolutely cherish. Connecting through creativity and nurturing artistic talents is a remarkable journey we can embark on together. Email me at [email protected] and we can create a stucture that best suits your learning needs.

Once again, thank you for being an integral part of my artistic expedition. Your support fuels my passion and strengthens the artistic bonds within our community. If you have any further questions or require assistance, feel free to contact me. Let's continue to weave the tapestry of contemporary artistry together!