“I paint to share the corners that I’ve found beautiful with my fellow neighbors on planet Earth.”

Shrey Purohit is an urban landscape painter.  Shrey was born in 1997 in Mumbai, India, and he studied painting at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, where he graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2020

A two-time winner of the Plein Air Salon Award (2020 and 2021), Shrey is best known for his paintings of San Francisco at night. He paints contemporary scenes of the Bay Area in acrylic and oil on canvas. His paintings have been exhibited at City Hall and local galleries, and are collected by art lovers across the United States. 

He keenly observes, surveys, and interprets his neighborhood through paintings that capture the delicate plays of light and shadow on the urban environment. Shrey’s paintings find magic in the mundane.  

Currently based in the Ingleside neighborhood of San Francisco, Shrey finds comfort and hope in painting outdoors while interacting with neighbors and learning the history of every new area he sees. Before moving to the Ingleside, he regularly painted scenes of Potrero Hill.

Beyond his painting practice, Shrey is a co-curator of Ingleside Gallery, an experimental art gallery in San Francisco that supports and showcases emerging artists.


Select Exhibits

A First– Solo show, Mumbai Jan 2020

A Second– Solo show, Mumbai Jan 2021 

Farley’s– Solo show, San Francisco May 2021 

Ingleside Art Show– Group show, San Francisco June 2021

ArtSpan SF AIR Cumaica– Group show, San Francisco March- June 2021 

Ingleside Gallery Group Show #1, San Francisco Sept 2021

City She Loves You and Me,  Solo Show, San Francisco Sept 2021

Ingleside Gallery Group #2, #3, #4, #5 – San Francisco 2021

Mission Stories, Evolved SF, March 2022

Curators Creations– Two person show with Neil G. Ballard, April 2022

Farley’s– Solo Show- San Francisco May 2022

District 7 Supervisors office - Solo show at City Hall May - Sept 2022

District 11 Supervisors office -- Group Show at City Hall July 2022



Best Student Painting by the Plein Air Salon Aug 2020 

Top 25 Finalist Plein Air Annual Salon 2020

Best Under 30 Painting by Plein Air Salon July 2021



Tom Colcord, FB Open Arts Mural, June 2021

That's Amore Parket, July 2021

Shrey Purohit, Meta Open Arts Mural, Feb 2022